Happy Birthday Trey


Well my friends, what a year it has been.  I know everyone says it, but this last year has been the biggest adjustment I have ever gone through.  Bringing a child into the world changes you on a deep emotional level that you never knew was able to or available to be adjusted.

This change is mostly due to being exhausted, overworked, trial and error and loving something that wasn’t there before.  As a new parent, I say to myself “this worked yesterday, why isn’t it working today” or “he loves this toy, why is he crying?”. Constantly adjusting to what works. When you come out the other side you are changed.  Happy and better off for the change, but changed nonetheless.  


His belly!

His belly!

This is what life is though.  Life changes, and I welcome any change that comes with this life.  But I can’t welcome it alone.  A HUGE Happy Birthday to Samantha.  If I didn’t have my incredible wife there to help and take the reigns when I was utterly failing as a dad I don’t know where I would be (did you know kids can’t play with plastic bags?? Who knew).  She is my rock and now she is Treys rock.  So that’s a pretty damn big rock, and I don’t know how she does it. Our marriage is stronger and better than it has ever been because of our mutual bond with Trey. I can’t wait for this journey to continue.

Mainly when he’s old enough to mow the lawn! Haha

Refusing to face the camera...

Refusing to face the camera...



Trey was not an easy baby.  We hit ALL the textbook keywords; Bad Colic, refused breast milk, would not nap, 18 pounds by 5 months, teething at 3 months.  Like honestly, it was impossible.  He was SO worth it though.  The laughs, the smiles, the inquisitiveness is so inspiring to watch and those make it all the more rewarding and carries me through the next fussy or cranky Trey.



Ok I may be laying it on a little thick, and I know all parents will have similar sentiments, but the future is just so exciting and I can’t wait to see it.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us over our hurdles; bringing food, letting us vent, visiting, and just being great people! Too many to list, you know who you are!

From the numerous baby books we’ve read (Sam read then told me about) we are through the worst of it (except when he’s 2, a teenager, etc, etc) now, we look forward to Trey’s life. We have an upcoming move in July so this will be our next hurdle as a family and our next change…

See what I did there?

Happy Birthday my little buddy! You deserve all the cake!

Good vibes


ps, apologies for spelling and grammitical error.  It was late when I typed this.

Maternity Photography in the Pool!

I found some time between not sleeping to get these pics done, have a read and look below!

We knew early on that water in some form had to be involved somewhere along Samantha and I's journey to parenthood. So when we planned our Bump Shoot we started immediately looking at pools to hop into.  

Water shoots are a fun way to add an expressive element to the shoot and was very fitting given Sams background as a synchronized swimmer.  However, adding a baby bump to the shoot provides a whole other level of complexity which, is thrilling and fun but also incredibly difficult. There was lots to learn in an a very limited amount of time, and I found a lot of things to do differently for next time! 

I am treating these moments as a fun art project that gives an ethereal, and emotional connection to our baby to be!

Having said that, I didn't treat it as a series so much as I let each picture stand alone and have its own look and feel.  Let me know in the comments below which one you like or love!

The Purge! - Part 1!

With a human on the way.  I thought it wise to purge some things that I have not used in so long I cannot justify its shelf space any longer.  

I will be putting all things on ebay with a higher reserve so in the interest of trying to get this stuff out the door here it is cheaper.  Shoot me an email if you are interested in something. Make an offer, and lastly, don't judge on my random collections of stuff


$350.00 - PAILLARD BOLEX H16 REFLEX 16MM CAMERA: 2 lenses (100mm, 28mm), viewfinder, pistol grip, filter slides, extra filters, metal case, **Not pictured is original brown leather case (will add once I find it)**

Everything works great, motor is smooth and purrs.  I can't get the lens turret to turn anymore, might be because of it sitting in the case for a while, a skilled hand may know why.  

$200.00 - MORSE G3 TANK DEVELOPER - Vintage unit used developing any 16mm or 35mm.  

$150.00 - NIKON N80 AND SB-28 SPEEDLIGHT - 35mm camera with a 28-105mm lens. Everything works great!  

$300.00 - CONTAX II PRE-WAR 35MM CAMERA - Perfect condition, functional, has parallax focusing, and Zeiss-Sonnar 50mm Optics. Has original leather case. (case has tear on the seam where buttons are on back) 

250 - PANASONIC GM1 - Camera is in great condition, lens works but the ring that turns the focusing part has broken.  You can still zoom in and out using the barrel, and the pictures come out sharp and in focus. You can change lenses on this camera. Also, there is NO CHARGER for this camera, one battery is included. 

$10.00 - CANON C300 SHAPED JUMP DRIVE (2 GIG) - It's in the shape of a camera, amazing. 

$30.00 each - ARGUS SUPER 8MM CAMERA and BENTLEY BX720 - These things are a lot of fun! The Argus as power zoom and speed control. The Bentley is push and play. 

More to Come.......