Motley Crue and Alice blow my mind

I have been thinking long and hard, but I have come to the conclusion this was THE best concert I have ever seen..... 

I love Motley Crue. So much so that when I got married Motley had to be involved some how into the wedding. When my wife and I were being introduced for the first time we walked into the room with "Kick Start My Heart" blaring.  Most people probably won't remember a detail like that but it was special for us (I also wanted fire and fireworks to go off, but you have to draw the line somewhere).  

Alice and his side kick nurse after the show. 

Fast forward a year later and they were starting a final FINAL tour complete with the whole rock show (the last final tour was still awesome but dumbed down, catering to smaller venues and less glitz and glammer). 

Not wanting to splurge on expensive tickets and holding onto the last bit of restraint I could, when tickets went on sale for this tour, I watched as they sold out the Toronto show, then the Ottawa show, then the Montreal show, and basically all places I would drive to see them.  I then turned on youtube and played the entire "Carnival of Sins" concert, made sure the settings were on HD, and my dog and I had a private concert. 

Alice Cooper - Slow shutter, and manual focus don't mix.

Months pass and now I have a to prepare for a big milestone; my first year wedding anniversary.  We choose a nice restaurant and I hunker down and make Samantha a present (I sing a song by one of her favourite artists). We sit down, eat, chat, laugh and have a great time being in love, it was fabulous. 

PRESENT TIME! I give her my present, an iPod with only one track on it, she listens, starts tearing, I did good. 

She hands me an envelope, I open it.  TWO TICKETS TO MOTLEY CURE IN OTTAWA. SHE DID BETTER!

The light show begins

On concert day we hop in the car right on schedule, about three hours behind, and boot it to Ottawa. We have a quick dinner, get changed in the hotel, and taxi over to the Staples centre.

Special guest, Alice Cooper explodes onto stage and gives a performance that is true rock Artistry.  The special effects were jaw dropping, the music was cd quality, his voice was just as pitch perfect,  and the band was incredibly on point.  Alice got electrocuted during "Frankenstein" and when the dead body was covered up, a 15 foot "Alice" emerges and finishes the song. They strung him up to the gallows, and finished with putting him in a guillotine and chopped his head off. It sounds gorery but it was Art, I'm telling you!

Time for Motley Crue! they take the stage and instantly everything is on fire.  Pyrotechnics were going off in every direction. The light show was something I've never seen before.  It was bright, colourful, intense, and coordinated to the every move of the band.  "Girls, Girls, Girls" had sirens and police coloured lights going off it was absolutely mesmerizing.  Nicky Six had flames shooting 10 or more feet out of his guitar, Tommy had fireworks exploding behind him, everything was. on. fire. and my brain couldn't take it. It was to fantastic. But they didn't stop there.  Almost every part of the stage was animated in some way, be it lifting Vince into the air, or elevating Tommy 20 feet above the stage.  

Tommy Lee on his way down from the ceiling 

Then about half way through came Tommy's infamous drum solo where he, and his entire drum kit get lifted into the air.  He has been doing something to this effect since the 80's but this one was different.  He was on what can be explained as a roller coaster, that went all the way up to the ceiling of the stadium, over the audience and came down about 20 or so feet in front of our seats.  All the while, he is rotating and playing the most intense solo you could imagine.  He was yelling that this was his dream come true.  

Bringing things full circle, their last song of the night was "Kick Start My Heart". My knees were shaking I was so excited.  

After Nicky and Vince got off there 80 foot pendulums rotating through the crowd, and the stage was extinguished from the fire and explosions going off, the band left the stage and promptly emerged on the Encore stage that already had some lucky guests strapped in and ready to go.  They ended the show with "Home Sweet Home" and of course that stage was lifted 30 feet into the air while they thrashed. 

Hundreds of phones light up the stadium.  The band is also shinning flashlights getting people riled up!

Elevated encore stage, 'cause why not.

Concert over, weekend over, our brains officially melted we went back to the hotel to crash. 

The drive home the next day was quiet but the smiles got us all the way back to Toronto....

I will be instgraming many more pictures and videos from the concert so be sure to follow me to see them all.