Maternity Photography in the Pool!

I found some time between not sleeping to get these pics done, have a read and look below!

We knew early on that water in some form had to be involved somewhere along Samantha and I's journey to parenthood. So when we planned our Bump Shoot we started immediately looking at pools to hop into.  

Water shoots are a fun way to add an expressive element to the shoot and was very fitting given Sams background as a synchronized swimmer.  However, adding a baby bump to the shoot provides a whole other level of complexity which, is thrilling and fun but also incredibly difficult. There was lots to learn in an a very limited amount of time, and I found a lot of things to do differently for next time! 

I am treating these moments as a fun art project that gives an ethereal, and emotional connection to our baby to be!

Having said that, I didn't treat it as a series so much as I let each picture stand alone and have its own look and feel.  Let me know in the comments below which one you like or love!